The German enterpriser center in Qingdao


 Completion date:  October 2015 (Put into operation in 2016)
 Energy saving rate:  45%
 Location:  Qingdao Shandong
 Client:  Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark Real Estate Co., Ltd.
 structural engineering:  China architecture design & research group
 MEP engineering:  China architecture design & research group
 DGNB consulting agency:  energydesign (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd.
 Address No. 2877 Tuanjie Road, 266426, Qingdao E&T Development Zone, China



With the setup of the German enterpriser center premises should be created for a German Center in Qingdao. Target of the German center is the establishment of a German business platform, which opens furthermore cooperation opportunities opens between small until middle sized German enterprise and the Chinese market. The project is located at the south-east corner of the new Chinese-German ecological park in Qingdao. Over the course of the project an area, which were formerly used by agriculture is now changed in a commercial used area. Because of the size and the social relevance, the German Center has a key role for the urban- and ecological development of the whole quarter.


The German enterpriser center consists out of three building, which are located at the riverside of the Heluofu-water reservoir in a landscape park. It takes over plenty functions and usages, like the German center, an administration building, a hotel , the German energy center, a business service center, as well as additional infrastructure like a canteen, a cafeteria and a gym. The facade of the building is covered by red bricks what reminiscent at the typical north German. Through the strong color, the wavily structure and the high end surface a very elegant impression imposes the viewer. On the property of 28.314 m2 the buildings provide about 75.384 m2 of gross floor area. The buildings have between 2 and 10 floors and until 2 below levels. For the building of the German enterpriser center sustainability was one of the most important aspects. The project shall be honored with the three star award for sustainable buildings in China and with the DGNB-platinum-award.


Currently the project is precertificated with the DGNB-platinum-award. The project area is located in building-physic cold area with a heating period of 99 days in the year by average outside air temperature of 2, 1 °C during heating period. The set temperature for the inside room are 18 °C. The surface to volume ratio is 0, 16, the window share for each square meter of façade is 33-35 % in the north part of the enterprise center. In the east part 24-41 percent, in the south part 38 percent and in the west part 33-37 percent. For the insulation of the external wall 30 mm thick vacuum-insulation-panels are used as an innovative insulation material, between the 5 mm thick red bricks and the external wall.


The external wall as well as the foundation plate with contact to the outside air consist out of 30mm ultra- thin STP vacuum- insulation-panels (U=0,20 W/m²K), while the roof is made of a 115 mm phenolic resin insulation (U-0,2 W/m2K) . The external walls of the contioned rooms in the cellar are insulated by a 50 mm thick insulation out of XPS (R=5.04 m2K/W). For the improvement of the energy efficiency the windows are made of a triple pane glassing with 6+12A+6+12A+6 low emissions coating with a well isolated window frame (U=1,3 W/m2K, g=0,51). Through the observance of the European standard EN12207 the windows can achieve the air tightness factor of four.


The heating and cooling is supplied by a CHP with an integrated adsorption chiller, which provides in winter 45/35 ºC hot water and in Summer 7/12 ºC cold water. The rooms of the hotel are mainly cooled by single air condition units. The German center uses mainly fan-coil in combination with a central air handling unit, which supplies the fresh air and exhausts the waste air. For the heating all of the rooms, except the ones in the external areas, where the temperature is only conditioned by the air supply, there is a floor heating in a combination with central air unit for air supply and exhaust air. The heat recovery in the central part of the supply air and exhaust air part can raise up to an efficiency of 88% of the German center.


Renewable energy for the sustainable extraction of energy is provided by photovoltaics and solar thermic plant on the roof of the three of the building located roofs. Furthermore the roof of the 2-storey buildings of the German center are greened and provide pretty recreation areas and a direct fresh air supply. In total the buildings of the German enterpriser center archive an energy conversation of 45 % compared to a Chinese building of the same size and kind.