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energydesign (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a Shanghai-based engineering and consulting firm for low-energy, high functionality and optimal cost solutions in the built environment. We work as engineers and specialized design consultants in collaboration with professional design teams for our clients. We provide services towards low carbon solutions with high functional performance and with optimized cost on a high level of sustainability. Coming from Germany with a background of over 20 years professional experience, energydesign has provided engineering and consulting services in China and other Asian countries for over 5 years. energydesign has pioneered advanced technologies and approaches towards sustainable design, building and development (such as DGNB certification, passive house design and integrated energy concepts) in China.

German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy  inaugurates the VOITH Training Centre in Kunshan
April 2014 
Sino-German Enterprice Centre in Qingdao has been awarded the DGNB pre-certificate in Gold 
April 2014
VOITH Fabrics Factory Extention has been awarded LEED Gold certificate
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OSBEE - Office for Built Sustainable Environment Engineering has been set up as an engineering, consulting and applied research firm in Stuttgart. We are committed to the sustainable development in the broader sense and contribute to the development through our focus on the built environment. Being the mother company of energydesign, OSBEE is serving our projects in China and Asia through innovation and technology transfer, related research and development projects.
设能建筑咨询(上海)有限公司位于上海,是一个针对建筑低能耗,高功能性及成本优化服务的工程及咨询公司。我们以工程师及设计咨询专家的职责与各个专业设计团队合作,为客户进行服务。提供低碳,高功能性及低成本为一体的可持续咨询服务。来自德国,并拥有20多年的专业经验,设能公司为中国及亚洲其他国家提供了5年以上的服务。设能公司针对国内可持续设计、建筑及开发(比如DGNB认证,被动房设计及整体能源设计)拥有先进的技术,为业界的先锋。 ;
OSBEE – Office for Built Sustainable Environment Engineering作为工程、咨询及科学研究公司成立于斯图加特。我们致力于广义上的可持续开发,并在建筑环境基础上对建筑进行开发。作为设能建筑咨询(上海)有限公司的母公司,OSBEE通过创新技术输出,相关科学调研及项目开发对国内和亚洲的项目进行服务。

Chinese, German and International clients of energydesign (Shanghai) CO. Ltd
DGNB Consultant Service for Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark Development Co. Ltd.
Sino-German High-Tech Plattform of the Industrial Park, Foshan, consultant for DGNB and Sustainability
DGNB China

Green Building Certification China Building Energy Saving China